Get duplicate items and occurance of the same item from an Array of Strings?

Hi, I have an Array which is {apple, orange, mango, banana, orange, apple}. I want to find the duplicate items and the count of occurrence of that particular item from that array. can any body please help me to do this. Thanks

find starter help here:
Array_ItemOccurence_CountReport.xaml (6.5 KB)



following on our discussion you will find some explanations on the implementation below:

build datatable - setting the datatable structure for the statistic report
Linq statement - retrieving the occurence count for the different array items:

(From x In arrValues
Group x By k=x Into grp=Group
Select dtReport.Rows.Add({k,grp.Count})).CopyToDataTable

(From x In arrValues - looping over all items from the array
Group x By k=x Into grp=Group - forming groups of all items with the same value
Select dtReport.Rows.Add({k,grp.Count})).CopyToDataTable - adding datarow to the reportdatatable with the item value and the occurence. occurence is retrieved from the count of the group members (grp.count)

refer also to here:

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Hi @ppr thank you for explaining it in a simple way. Is there any other way to do it without using “LinQ” or “VB/.Net code” ?


Yes, we can do it with the help of a dictionary
find some starter help here: