Find text position?

Hi folks,

i’m trying check if a text is present in internet explorer window, using Find text position + element exists, to verify if a text appear in the window or not, but, although text exists, the task can’t see the text and vice versa ( the truth is that the text is not present but It behaves as if it existed )

the process is builded like this

1.- Find text position —>> i have create a variable type: UIElement , with variable name text_to_find. Then, i set the text which must be founded in properties->target->text and i set the output with a variable named text_to_find in properties->output,

    • Element Exists —>> i set properties->target->element with text_to_find variable and i set properties->target->output as text_result into a boolean variable
    • if -->> there are two possibilities : text_result is false or text_result is true

well , when the text is not in the window, as i say above, it takes the true way, so it’s wrong.

i don’t know if i am using properly this methods, could you give me a hand ?

       thanks in advance!!  :grin:

Have you tried the “Text Exists” activity too?

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The word your looking for may be somewhere else on the screen which is not visible that’s why its returning true every time. Try to set the clipping region for "Text Exist"activity.

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Or pass Ctrl+F hotkey on the browser to search the word and have it visible to the robot (just to make sure) + Dilip’s

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First, thank you for your time at all, sometimes it is difficult to do something, but thanks to people like you, things are easier.
I try with text exist and selecting the element on screen, next press F3 ( thanks to aksh1yadav too i found this tip in other post :wink: ) and selected the region to find the text, this seems to work. I will be checking further to ensure that works properly.

thanks at all :wink: :+1: see you!!

How do we set clipping region? Is there any example?