Process to interact with website

Hi everyone!

Yep, the first flowchart I’m trying to design, however I’m facing issues when trying to confirm if an specific word appears in a given website.

I start by launching the Chrome.exe process, thats ok, pass as the variable the URL of the page I’m interested to monitor (continues OK), however, at the moment when I try to use the element TextExists, to find a certain string, this is not working.

What am I doing wrong?


Can we have Sample URL and word your looking for.

Thanks ddpadil!

sure ! In example:

URL ->

Word -> “Anuncios”

Are you using chrome? Because it looks like text exist doesn’t quite go along with it.
It’s working fine with IE.
Here we go.
findAnuncios.xaml (8.6 KB)

Thanks ddpadil!

… doesn’t quite go along with it = bug ? :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested your export in my lab and it doesn’t detect the text either… will invest a little bit more of time later.


Yep, it worked ! Thanks for your help ddpadil !