Find out value from Datatable without column header

Hi Everyone ,

I hope you are doing well. I have a scenario. I think it’s a known one. If you can help me with the solution.

How to find out one text from the entire Datatable , Datatable is not having any column header.

Suppose the value is “Sourav”. Need to find it from a Datatable. We don’t know in which column this value would be available, and also we don’t have any column header name.

What would be the solution.


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Hey @learning_sourav

Kindly use Lookup Data Table.



Convert output of excel to Output data table. And simply use “Contains” method.

It will return true or false.


Two methods:

  1. Convert you datatable to text with ‘Output Data Table’ activity and then find the value.
    existe = myoutput.Contains(“Sourav”)
  2. Largest, find row by row for all columns by position 0,1…
    existe = myDatatable.AsEnumerable.Any(Function(r) r(0).Tostring.Contains(“Sourav”) OrElse r(1).Tostring.Contains(“Sourav”) OrElse … )


to check if the value is present within the datatable in any row / any column we can do
strTerm = Sourav

hasTerm | Boolean =

yourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Any(Function (d) d.ItemArray.Any(Function (x) x.toString.toUpper.Contains(strTerm.toUpper)))

Thank you for the quick responce. I accept this solution, as this one gave me correct output also it is easiest and less time taking approach.

Thanks once again.

Thanks others also for the quick responce.


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