How to check if row exist in data table and check if it contain value

Hi ,

I have a datatable, like below


How to check if datatable contain “SEC_Min_Val” row and if it is present and how do I fetch its value.

like for eg “SEC_Mul_Nom” has 1000 . how do I fetch value of 1000 for “SEC_Mul_Val” row.

Thanks in Advance

Convert Data table to Dictionary, Version as key, form as value…then u can call key you will get value

Hi @hemasai.06

You can try with lookup data table activity

Check out the links


You could use Lookup datatable activity.

Also, if you want to search directly in excel you can use Find/ Replace Value from Modern activities.

Hi @Gokul001 ,
I there any way other than look up datatable activity since value is not constant to provide in Lookup Value,
Currently I am trying with these formula to check if row present in datatable - string.Join(“,”,row.ItemArray).Contains(“SEC_Min_Val”)

I am using below formula to check if it contain any value, but something is not working here

Hi @hemasai.06

Firstly you can download the database package from manage package
then connect you file using below connection string

“Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=C:\Users\RPA_Creator_2\Documents\UiPath\Solution\Data\Input.xlsx; Extended Properties=‘Excel 12.0 XML; HDR=YES; ReadOnly=False’”

C:\Users\RPA_Creator_2\Documents\UiPath\Solution\Data\Input.xlsx replace this your file path

use this provider name “System.Data.OleDb”

then use run query activity, in run query activity use below query
“Select * from [Sheet1$] where [Form] is not null and [Version]=‘Sec_Min_Value’”

then write this datatable in new file using write range activity.

I think it will be help you.