Find Files and Folders error on Orchestrator

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The first part of my process involves using the Find Files and Folders activity to download a file in Sharepoint. I’ve been testing a process on Studio for months and this part has always worked perfectly - the minute I’ve uploaded the process to Orchestrator I keep getting this error:

Find Files And Folders: Code: generalException Message: An error occurred sending the request.

Does anyone know why this error keeps coming up? It still works on Studio, I’ve got all the correct access to Sharepoint (I’ve tested my access manually), the username and secure password are correct (would this bring up a different error if they were incorrect?) so I’m baffled

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Hi @Short ,

Did you happen to check the suggestions provided in the below post :


First try to log the exception.Trace and exception.innexexception

That might give more info


Hi @Anil_G

I get this error: message: System.TimeoutException: The client did not complete the authentication after 30 seconds, and as a result the operation was canceled. Authentication type: InteractiveToken. at UiPath.Shared.Services.Graph.GraphClientServiceFactory.

When running the process directly through the VM (without using the Orchestrator), this pops up as part of UiPath green icon on the taskbar

It stays blank so I’m not sure if this is an authentication thing? Does anyone have any ideas?

bumping this up because still have no idea how to fix it

When 0365 Classic - Microsoft 365 Scope is used
we would suggest that you critical check what authentication type is needed

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