Find duplicates in PDFs that have different names

I have a folder full of multiples PDF documents. They are all named differently. I want to find a way to find all the similar ones and put them under new documents.
For example: If I have PDF1, PDF2, PDF3, PDF4 and: PDF1 and PDF3 are exactly similar. PDF2 and PDF4 are exactly similar. I want to end up creating two documents, one that has PDF1 and PDF3, the other one has PDF2 and PDF4.
Is there a way to make that automated??
Thank you in advance!!

Hi @Haytam_Mostaine
Try this way
Main.xaml (19.3 KB)

Required descriptions had been added in the workflow

Let me know if you need any help around
Nived N
Happy Automation

Thank you for your quick reply @NIVED_NAMBIAR !
I encountered few problems before executing:

  1. In 2 parts, it says: “Missing or invalid activity” (1st thing in body and 1st thing in else)
  1. How can I change the destinations of the folder? (I’m pretty new to UI Path XD)

Here is what it looks like.

  1. There is also this

@NIVED_NAMBIAR I fixed problems 1 and 3. I just downloaded the pdf package.
Now, I’m just not sure where to change the paths…

(For those who are trying to find a solution, you can download the pdf package by going to “Manage packages” in the project → “All packages” → “Officlial” and type uipath.pdf and install it. ^^)