Matching Names from Excel list with Names in a PDF

I am brand new to UI Path. I need help badly. I have about 100 PDF files and a Excel sheet that has about 100 names. I need UI Path to look at the 100 Names in the excel sheet and then go through a PDF file to see if that which names exist. If the name exists in the PDF then Insert the name into a separate excel sheet for that PDF. I feel like this should be simple but it is not in UI Path. I’ve tried about 10 different ways and keep getting errors. I have done plenty of research. No case is like this one.

Have you tried this?
—Loop through PDF files with For each
—Use Read PDF Text for each file and Append Text to a text file
—After loop is finished, Read text file to get all text in one string
—Then, enter a For each for your excel file where you check if each item is in the text. You can do this with text.Contains(item)

If you can provide further details, then someone might come up with some other ideas for you, if my suggestions are not enough.


Were you able to find a solution? I am facing the same problem and need an urgent solution for this. Can someone help? I am not a technical person.