Find Duplicate record in the excel

[Find duplicate record and execute code if excel have record or not]


is the data structured and looks the same every time?

Is it in a table format or spread over multiple registers?

can you give more details?

Not the most elegant solution but you could read the data with e.g. “Read Range” within an “Excel Application Scope”, which would give you a table-A.

Use “Remove Duplicate Rows” on table-A and create a table-B.

Now you can compare Table-A and Table-B to see if duplicates where present.
table-A.Rows.Count = table-B.Rows.Count.

You could also just save the count of table-A into a variable before you remove the duplicates and check against that variable.

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Can you provide sufficient input and expected output.


if I got your question in a proper way,

You must check the count of rows, if zero or not(
then use remove the duplicate rows,

Or provide us with your input