How to find duplicate values in excel (count the row if yes will remove those)

Hi I want to know the duplicate value / record count based on the column name in excel if row count is greater then 0 will perform some action


you want to check only one column and get duplicates?

if duplicates are foudn then dont count them or count only unique values or count only unique records?


I just want go get the duplicate count first

Assume I have one column which has ID like 123 and same ID number exist in the columns first I want to get count


If you need the id and count of rows and only which are duplicate then try this

Create a datatable with two columns for id and count and name it dt_Output

Then use assign as below

dt_Output = Dt.AsEnumerable.GroupBy(function(x) x("ID").ToString).Where(function(x) x.Count>1).Select(function(x) dt_Output.Clone.LoadDataRow({x.Key,x.Count},False)).CopyToDataTable