Find Children activity produces incorrect selector if children are in a list <ul><li>

Encountered this error:

Whenever i do a Find Children activity on a webpage and filter for uielements found in a list (i.e. the elements i want to find are in <li> tags), the selector generated by the activity for the 1st element is always incorrect.

For example, i set up this webpage,
And tried to filter for all the <a> elements using the Find Children activity.

The selectors generated in the Find Children activity output are:
<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Blank template’ /><webctrl tag=‘A’ />
<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Blank template’ /><webctrl aaname=‘Tea’ tag=‘A’ />
<html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Blank template’ /><webctrl aaname=‘Milk’ tag=‘A’ />

The selector of the link in the first li is not generated correctly - the aaname is missing.
I think the issue lies with the li tags and not the a tags cos even for a list without links, the selector generated for the first li item is different.

This happens to all the webpages i tried my automation on.
I dunno, i think it’s a bug.

The properties of my FIND CHILDREN activity:

You can find the studio files here:

Hope someone can enlighten me on this. Thanks!

have a look here:


we let point the selector to the OL and filter for the A elements (links)


similar we can do the UL / LI list




Because it can be identified the element without aaname attribute. Selector string has jsut minimum attributes.


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Fully agreed to @Yoichi’ statement following also can be added. aaname can be different for the browsers

similar to your modelling:

we get:

But as we are more interested on other attribute values the minimal selectors would not harm or block us

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I see… I was trying to pick out keywords in the selectors in my automation. so i should use something more specific like get innertext. thanks @ppr and @Yoichi for the explanation!

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