Issue with Find Children


I am facing an issue with the Find Children activity.

I am trying to find a selector for an element in a dropdown. If a run in debug mode with Slow Steps activated (any speed) it works fine and the selector is collected as:

< html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Sxxxxxxxxxx :: payouts’ />< webctrl aaname=‘’ parentid=‘topbar’ tag=‘A’ />

When I run it in debug mode but without the slow steps the children are found with this selector:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Sxxxxxxxxxx :: payouts’ />< webctrl tag=‘TABLE’ />< webctrl tag=‘TR’ />

and my process fail.

I have tried to add delays before and after the find children activity but it’s not working.

Any idea why?

Hi @Radap ,

did you try just running the file with “Run File” action ?

hi, thanks for the response.

No, I have also published the process and run it from uipath assistant but it failed for the same problem.



Please post how you are getting the selectors, if possible post your workflow

I am getting the selectors with a Find Children activity, the settings I am using are


I am trying to get the selectors for the 3 websites.


Before the Find Children activity I click on the element on top to open the drop down menu.

Hope this helps

This is the error I get when running it:


Change it to Descendants, not Children. Most apps and web pages, things are buried under multiple layers. Descendants gets everything under it (think children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc) while Children only gets one “generation.”

I have tried that but didn’t help.

The problem I am facing is that when the bot is debugged with the slow Step option it works fine.

Just noticed in the original post the selectors were not correctly pasted:

So if I run in debug mode with slow steps the output of the find children is like this:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Sxxxxxxxxxx :: payouts’ /><webctrl aaname=‘’ parentid=‘topbar’ tag=‘A’ /

If I use Run File, run from UiPath assistant or Debug without slow step the selector is extracted as:

html app=‘chrome.exe’ title=‘Sxxxxxxxxxx :: payouts’ />< webctrl tag=‘TABLE’ />< webctrl tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘TD’ />

I need the first “version” for my automation to work as I am then only selecting the selector that contain a website.

Hope this helps

change the property of wait for ready to interactive and then give a try once

Hi, tried that now and didn’t work.

I did try the Wait for ready = complete too and didn’t work either.

Some more details on the error

Hi @Radap

The sites displayed in dropdown have A tag and appears to be children of Div Tag



if your intention is to click the website link displayed in the drop down, then you can replicate my steps in screenshot

Note: in the click activity I have passed the UiElement ‘item’ from for each activity


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thanks, got it working now.

I have made the filter more specific so it only extracts the websites

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