Find cell value using for each item in list not working

Hi all,
I was trying get the cell value using for each loop. When I pass currentitem OR currenitem.tostring OR currentitem.trim.tostring in value to find field it throws an error “Assign: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘input’)”. but when I pass the string value it works properly.
The list of string variable contains dates like : {“2-Jun-23”, “3-Jun-23”, “4-Jun-23”, “5-Jun-23”, “6-Jun-23”, “7-Jun-23”, “8-Jun-23”, “10-Jun-23”}. and if i pass single string value “3-Jun-23” it works. The value of current item shown in message box before the find cell value activity.



Just to check can you delete the activity and drag new one…then open advanced editor for each field and key the data?


Hi Anil, Again get the same error after deleting the activity and add new one.


Is it possible to attach a dummy file here?


This issue is in currentitem in list not in excel, because i have replace the currentitem with a default date value in a variable and it works properly, henever i passed currentitem it thrown an error. below excel is attached.

BroadMoney_M2_Arch.xls (98 KB)


I mean the xaml file…aorry for not mentioning

By and chance one of your list value is empty?


Hi @connect360 ,

Could you perform a Debug operation at your End, and when the Error occurs at that point, Use the Immediate Panel and check the value of currentItem, a Screenshot also of the For Each loop implementation would help.

Please find the file.

Dates testing.xaml (34.3 KB)

Hi, I have also attach the XML file and run the code again in debug mode and find the error “Assign: Value cannot be null. (Parameter ‘input’)”. Below snapshot is attached for reference from loop.


Try replace that with this in value to find property:
currentItem.Replace(" ","").Trim