Filtering rows in excel based on date and cell colour

HI i have a workflow that filters through a large excel sheet and gets the rows based on the current date -1 day.
Some of these dates are highlighted in blue. i would like to get the ones in blue

this is what i have to filter so far

Hi fflattery,

DataTables don’t contain information about the format of the Excel you are reading from. So, no way you can use Queries to the datatable. I know my answer is going to sound amateur but, why not use a macro? I find that sometimes people go to great length to replicate simple VBA functionalities with UiPath activities or LINQ operations (not saying it’s your case).

Excel Application Scope > Get Cell Color Activity

output variable type [Color]
output variable name: myColor

myColor.B.ToString gives you the amount of blue. 0 = no blue 255 = all blue

in a For Each Row you can read every cell in your column row by row and get your blue-value and then in an IF Condition:

CInt(myColor.B.ToString) > 0
“Do stuff”

I think the excel is too large to do this. there are over 30000 rows

No problem…just load it in chunks then.
Read Range A1:A100
…process and store rowIndex…
Read Range A101:A200
…process and store rowIndex…

that should work.

Flow Condition : rowIndex < myDataTable.Rows.Count-1
True : go to start and proceed
False : done