Filtering Column by the Current Month

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to filter the records by current month in Excel by using the Filter Data table activity on the column and the value I have given as“MM”) .but Data table is empty.
Can any one please correct me regarding this.

Many thanks in Advance.


can you elobarate more? and can you attach your excel file (if its not confidential)

Yes Naveen, need to get all the records of the month. By using the current system date.

can you attach the excel file?

Sure Naveen Please find the attachedAll Appointments 2-8-2019 10-23-59 AM.xlsx (31.0 KB)

Hi Naveen I got the Solution. Thank you for your reply.


How did u achieve that? I was trying also…can you provide ur soln so that would be helpful .

Hi Naveen Sorry for the delay in replying.

Fisrt I have converted the date format for each row by using the assign activity
Convert.ToDateTime(row.item(“Start Time”)).tostring(“MMMM”)
After that I have filtered the Data Table by DateTime.Now.Tostring(“MMMM”)
Like this I got the desired result.

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