Filtering a row in datatable




I have this excel sheet which contains a first column which has either Y or N. I need to filter the rows which has Y in the first column. I used the example from uipath academy under data manipulations in practice exercise 2 and it threw errors then I finally created an expression without errors but it wont run. Please share your ideas

How to use (like ,= operator) with column in Datatable.Select

Also let me know if there is a different approach to this problem. Thanks in advance!!!


try “bookings.Select(”[Booking Filter]=‘Y’")

When there is space in column name, we put the column name in bracket


Hey thanks. i tried it with a different single word name ‘Flag’. Uipath kept throwing a strange error saying Boolean cannot be converted to string. I was wondering if ‘flag’ was a keyword. then changed it to ‘booking filter’


Try Y without the quotes.