Filter the date in excel

Hi to all,

I am unable to get the date in excel, The format like (dd/mm/yyy) is looking for 01/01/2021 but my excel is having like 1 jan 2021. hear the screenshot.Date data
Plz suggest me to out of this.
Thks to all.

Can you please the filter you have used in the code to suggest.

look in to screen shot.

Please find the code in below screenshot and try. Let me know if it works for your inputs

Thks for reply,

It is showing empty sheet.

Check your input in the excel and tweek the filter based on it to get the desired output

Hi @Harish_pavuluri

try this

Hope it helps


Nived N

Happy Automation

Thks u
There is no change. again it is showing empty sheet.

Hi @Harish_pavuluri

Can u provide the sample excel sheet for checking?

@ elina thks

It worked after i changed the different input and output data tables in filter.

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