Filter Rows by the given date value

Hello Everyone,

Can someone please help me to understand how can I filter the records from the DT. Depending on Date
For Example, I want to get all the records from 09-Feb-2019 to 17-Feb-2019.
I using the below condition in Filter Data Table Activity which is not working for me.

Any advice to resolve this issue?

Many Thanks in advance.


Hi Vishnu,
Your question is an equation with many unknowns… :slight_smile:
1/ How exactly it is “not working”?
2/ What values of “Start Time” and “End Time” look like? Give example.
3/ I recommend to store the result of the “Value” expression (Convert.ToDate…) into a temp variable and print it (Write Line activity) to verify the value


Hi @J0ska,

Thank you for your quick reply.
The start Time and End Time looks like below
The Date, Month and Year I am passing from the config file.
The final output, that I am looking for is the row items In between the date range 9-Feb-19 to 17-Feb-19.

By any chance is it possible J0ska?


Hi Vishnu,
Right, it looks like this in excel. It doesn’t mean it looks the same in the data table. :frowning:
Therefore I recommend you first loop through the data table and “Write Line” Start/End Time so you know for sure what to filter.


P.S. StartTime and EndTime look to be same values. Is it by accident? Or this is real data?

Hi J0ska,

Actually I am converting the original format to dd-MMM-yy

the Original format is 02/30/2019 4:00

To filter the rows by given date period from 03 to 10 for example

I will execute as per you suggestion and let you know the result


Some times, Start Time and End Time will have the same values J0ska.
But It could not be same in all cases.

Thank you Alex, feeling a bit confusing…have to think again on it

Get inspired by attached wf
Also using LINQ to filter the DT
There is a trick that DateTime from Excel is not same datatype as DateTime in .NET :wink: (20.2 KB)


Thank you J0ska, A new concept I have learnt because of you.

Much appreciated for your time and help.


Thank you so much Alex, for your kind and clear explanation. Much appreciated.

I have used Convert.Todatetime() in the filter data table activity and its worked exactly fine as expected.


hi i wish to filter rows in the excel sheet using filter table activity by the month that is currently going on.
for instance- if the current month is april the rows should be filtered only for the april month, if its may then only for may month and so on.
is there a method by which we can achieve this.

Hi Aakanksha,

May I know the date format, once you read the data from the Excel?


the date format is 09-Apr-2020