Filter records by date in DataTable

Hi All,

Need help with below:

  1. using data scraping, I have imported data to a DataTable.
  2. SEcond column of datatable is of date in application(04/28/2020 18:53:00) and my system time is (04/28/2020 18:53:00), I have changed application column date format to that of System.
  3. I am trying to filter records using Index( like providing index number 5-for 6th column).
  4. Now My requirement is to add one more condition in Filter Records with condition ‘start time’ (Aplication column name) and index no in DataTable is ‘1’.
    EX: Start Time<=Now() or Start Time<=Current time/Systime

Please advice

Satish Chaladi


Try usign “Filter Datatable” activity where you get Filter Wizard to implement all the conditions for filtering data


I am using it, but failing to filter data using start Data<=Now() condition.

I want to filter records which are created on or before Current time and write to CSV.

Write the Column Name in the Column Fields and you cannot directly use Now(),
you have to use Date.Now()

But Date.Now will return date with current time with seconds. Seconds will never match your data scraping table.
You will have to work only on date part dd/MM/yyyy

Hope this helps your case.


I Want time also, to filter data, seconds we can leave. but hours and minutes are required… Thats the main requirement here for us.

Use Compare Dates activity from this pacakage

OR use Short date time for comparison