Filter positive values only

Hi everyone,

I have an excel Table and would like to remove the rows with negative values in the column “Random Sorting 3”. Or, if it’s easier, just change, clear the negative values and keep blank cells.

I’m not able to do it on UiPath.
I don’t know what to put in FilterOptions.
I don’t neither know the VB language.

Would you please help me ?

Here is where I m blocked on Uipath

Here is my excel table

1). Read Excel , store output in datatableExcel .
2). Take for each row activity , put datatableExcel in loop.
3). Take if activity , put condition if row(“Random Sorting 3”). Tostring.contains(-)
4). In true part , Assign - row(“Random Sorting 3”) = row(“Random Sorting 3”). ToString.replace("-", “”)