Filter Excel 2 criteria


I have this excel table called “sample selection”
I would like to apply the following filter :

  1. Filter Column A: Remove Blank fields
  2. Filter Column G: Decreasing Order

Since it’s my first time trying to automate the process, I m struggling with finding the right way to do it on UiPath.
I did some research and I found that I have to use the feature called “Filter Table” However, I don’t know what to put in the field “Filteroptions”

would you please help me ?
Thank you so much

@Faouzi_Moueffek Please try the below approach

  1. Read the excel into a DT without any filter or sort. Pass this DT as input to step 2.
  2. Use Filter DT activity to
    a. Remove rows that are empty on whichever column you need this to be applied
  3. Use output DT of Step 2, as input for Sort Datatable activity. Provide inputs like the input DT, Column to sort, ascending or descending


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For Sorting may this will help you-

For the filter, the system ask me for the “filteroptions” as shown in the screenshot. I don’t know what to put in that field to remove empty cells

@Faouzi_Moueffek it is not filter table. Use filter datatable. Filter Table and Filter Datatable are two different activities