Filter Outlook Emails Based on Category in Outlook 2016


I am using Get Outlook Mail Message activity to filter the emails based on the Email Category.
I want to exclude the emails with a particular category. I have used “<>” operator and it worked perfectly fine in Outlook 2007. But the same is not working as expected in Outlook 2016.
The Filter Criteria I have given is
"’[Subject]’ = ‘Email On Check List’ and ‘[Category]’<>‘Working’
I want to exclude emails with “Working” as the category

Can anyone help me with this?

@Shreevathsa_P_N - pls try below

@SQL=Not (urn:schemas:mailheader:keywords Like ‘%Working%’)”


[categories] <> ‘Working’

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This should work for you

"[subject]=’ " + “Email On Check List” + “‘AND [categories]<>’” + “Working” + “’”