Filter in mail

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to filter the mail by below condition

  1. Subject contains ‘Digital’
  2. Recieved today
  3. From particular mail id

I tried but did not worked.please help me to extract based on above 3 condition


Use this filter:

“[Subject] = ‘Digital’ AND
[Received] >= '” + DateTime.Today.ToString(“d”) + " 00:00AM’ AND [SenderEmailAddress] = ‘’"

Tutorial on this topic here:

Ashok :slight_smile:

How can I use like in subject

what was done, which activity was used?

depending on the used Activtiy, just try each filter expression seperate and when all are working, then combine it

taken from: Activities - Get Outlook Mail Messages

But as mentioned, we need to know which activity is used as other activities do have different filter syntax e.g.


“@SQL=”“urn:schemas:httpmail:subject”" like ‘job%’"