Filter Excel-Workbook based on keywords


is there any method to filter an Excel-Workbook with multiple Sheets, based on a list of keywords?

My usecase:

  • Each Sheet in the Workbook has variable number and names of Columns (and Rows)
  • Keywords are in another Excel-File. I already saved them as a DataTable, also as a List of String
  • I need to save in a second Excel-Workbook in each Sheet, only the rows that contain any of the keywords in the list, basically create a new “filtered-Excel” using the given keywords.

I tried with DataTables and Filter Data Table, but I cannot define a fixed number of Columns to keep, since each Sheet has a different amount of data.
Any tips are welcomed.

Thank you!

If you have multiple keywords to filter and do data manipulation as per it, better to use Invoke VBA. It will be the optimized way for this use case.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @ashokkarale ,

thanks for the reply!
Is there any way to do it in UiPath?
I don’t really have much knowledge of Excel-Macros programming :confused:

Kind regards