Filter Excel data using dynamic value and highlight the cell based on those values


I want to filter Excel data which contains 80-90k records based on a values which is coming from another sheet and from another Excel.
For eg excel one contains column name “A” and it has values like “1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,"6’.
And Excel 2 in a sheet contains column name “B” and it has values like “1”,“2”,“5” in one row only like a list.
So based on values present in Excel 2 sheet I want to filter in Excel one under column A.
So now after filtering Excel one column name “A” should only shows the rows which contains values “1”,“2”,“5” and also at the same time I need to highlight the same cell which contains those values.
So can you help me with any macros or vb code for the same ?
Getting the dynamic data from another Excel and that too data is in single row and filtering based on values and highlighting the same cells at the same time.
And also i need to use for each loop as there will be multiple filteration in Excel one for multiple columns. I have given an example for one Column.
Sharing you the screenshot of the dynamic data how the data will be there.
Column/field will be the column name present in Excel one in which around 80-90k records are there and based on values present in Filter value column need to highlight those cells in Excel One.

Help me with the macros or vb code .
Thank you
Please the see the screenshot of input data