How to compare dynamic columns of 2 excel files

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How to select/filter 2 different excel files(In run time columns are dynamic).
Column names are not constant.Is there any option to select a 2 data table without knowing the column name?


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If you have any idea,please share.That will be helpful for me.

To apply the filter or select operation you need column names or column index or any other parameter(kind of data in column) to recognize the column where filter is to be done.

there are 2 excel files. 1 excel file is static(Main excel)
In run time user will select the column (Thats why dynamic).
I have to compare main excel with the dynamic excel and select that rows alone .

So, Dynamic excel is handled by the user, then it can be done

  1. User can provide the column name using select in excel then you need a method to read the name of selected column, you can refer monitor event activites as well.
  2. You can give a input dialog to user to select a column name from the list and then continue the filter part.

I think you misunderstood the process.
column name is dynamic , i cant able to use select code.
rest of the part we did it .

Is there any logic or syntax for comparing and getting column names of the dynamic excel columns?.