Filter data table problem

Hi, I want to filter input table in the way below


, but I’m getting this error

“Filter Data Table: Conversion from string “Column104” to type ‘Date’ is not valid.”

How can I format input “Column104”?

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic,

The error message you’re seeing indicates that UiPath is attempting to convert the value in the “Column104” column to a date, but it is not able to do so because the value is not in a valid date format.

To resolve this issue, you will need to check the data in the “Column104” column and ensure that it is in a valid date format. You may also want to check the format of the column in the input DataTable to ensure that it is set correctly.

or else

share your requirement will try deferent way


That “Column104” is on the CZ place and it is in the right format…
Do you need some other suggestion? :slight_smile:


it looks like you are trying to extract 3 cols from a datatable. 2 cols are fetched native and the third one you want to fetch within a conversion.

The activity is expecting the columnname or column index, but is not supporting this type extraction configuration

taken form docu

the statement will fail for several reasons:

  • pass the compiler level as it will return a string which is interpreted as the column name.
  • fails on run as the value “Column104” is taken as the string converted into a datetime which is not valid as “Column104” is not representing a date

We dont know more details about your modelling and if it is involved within nested loop … or others

Instead of you can:

  • use a helper column and assign the reformated value in adavance, then extract Col115,98 and the helper column
  • using a LINQ statement along with some preperations

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic ,

Ensure that the column values type is Date or Dot.




Column is type Date “dd.MM.yyyy”

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic ,

Need to confirm like below screenshot.



So let me explain what you are doing then may be that would route you to what you want to acheive…

So what you are doing is that you are trying to convert column104 to a dateformat…when i say column104 it is not the column value but its literally the name column104… that is the reason bot is failing because a string or name cannot be converted to date…

Do you want each date in the column to be converted to any specific format?

If so then after filtering you cna to loop through each row and update the data …

For each row in datatable

Inside it assign with currentrow("datecolumn") = cdate(currentrow("datecolumn").ToString).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

Assuming the column type is string



Column type is set to Date


but when I print it to output, I’m getting these values



In the resd rnage properties please change displayvalue option…from rawvalue

In the backend excel Stores them as these numbers


But I can’t see display value in the properties of Read range activity



I guess you are using extended activities which is not official…

Try using the read emage frol
The excel activities under app integration and you will see an option to preserve format


What is the name of that activity?
Unfortunately I couldn’ find it…

Thanks in advance!


Please check this


Apart from this first check in Manage packages if you have downlaoded UiPath.Excel.Activities package



I tryed with updating column like you described

, but getting this

Assign:Assign: Conversion from string “44480” to type ‘Date’ is not valid.

It seems that Read range activity converted all values from Column4 from format “dd.MM.yyyy” (Excel file) to some number (example: “44480”).

Do you know what can cause this situation?


Above is the reason…

Did you try this


Doing cdate wont work here you can try like this