How to remove value is <=2 in excel

I have excel sheet in that i want to remove values <=2 from one column how to do this

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There mention the datatable name in input datatable
–then mentiont the column name between double quotes as a string
–mention condition like <=
–mention the value as 2 in value session
–check the radio button REMOVE in the top left above the column heading in filter datatable wizard
–mention the output datatable name in the output as a variable of type datatable
Kindly try this and let know buddy
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This one i tried not working

can i have a view on your xaml if possible
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may i know what was the issue you were facing @thima

No error is thowing up but in excel its not removing rows

create a new table in the output datatable of filter datatable wizard and try once buddy @thima


Store output of Filter dataTable Activity into another dataTable and then you have to write into Excel file.

I guess it’s removed the rows which doesn’t meet that condition. Print the output of Filter dataTable Activity and check it.

Thank you its working fine

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