Filter Column in Excel and screenshot


I would like to filter one column in Excel and then take a screenshot of the sheet with the values filtered. I would like to know how I could filter the column using a Uipath activity.

Thank you very much,

Hi @Brett22 ,

dataTableName.Select(“[Column name] = [value]”)

Eg. DT.Select(“Name=‘Lakshman Ganta’”)

Hello @Brett22, if you want to take screenshot of the filtered sheet, how about using Excel GUI like this:

  1. Open Excel, attach it using Attach Window
  2. Go to the column you want to filter exists, show the filter if it is not shown yet (Cltr - Shft - L)
  3. Display the filter menyu by sending shortcut (Alt - Down)
  4. Enter the wording you want, send Enter, the view will be filtered
  5. Select all the area possible or Ctrl - A depending on your situation, send Ctrl - C
  6. Launch MSPaint, Ctrl - V (this way you don’t have to worry if you have many datas you don’t need to scroll too)

It s\is purely GUI so it might be slightly unstable at first, but not impossible :smiley:

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