Filling table with values coming from pivot table in Excel

Hello Everyone,

I need an urgent support.
I need to feed one table using pivot table values.
I need to take the values seen in the pivot table from sheet1 and write to main table in sheet2. Main table has 6 different indicators. PDI, 1 MIS, … 5 MIS
But in pivot table, indicators changes. Sometimes pivot results PDI and 1 MIS. Sometimes it gives PDI, 2 MIS, 7 MIS etc. Over 5 will be ignored.

To make it clear, I try to visualize real situation below;

I try to solve the problem above in very humble way. :frowning:

Where I define Sheet1 as “pivot” and sheet2 as “database2”.

My deadline is too close. I am pleading for solution flow or screenshot if it is possible for you.

Any suggestions or any help is more than welcome.

i have same situaiton. +1

@Volkan_Orhan @fatmagozde.atayeter

Follow the steps below

  1. Read the Pivot data into datatable using read range or read table
  2. Use for each row in excel on the second table when the data is to be populated
  3. Now use look up datatable on the first pivot table data and find the required column value
  4. Use write cell inside the loop to write the data to excel


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