How to read pivot tables sheets in excel

Hi All,

I have a requirement in which i want to read all pivot tables in my excel (like i have 20 pivot table sheets with each country name ) on the basis of a “main” sheet that contains country data .

i have attached a example sheet . (in real i have around 20 pivot tables in one excel with sheet name same as country name )

So , like one pivot table sheet for each country . I need to search amount present in main sheet with each country pivot table sheet ( if its present , i need to populate one column in main sheet)

How to do that ?

I have to looPivot_Read.xlsx (17.0 KB)


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Hi ,
Use get table range activity to read pivote table and for the rest you can achieve by filtering sheet .

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  1. Pivot Table - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
  2. Filter Range / Data - Works with or without Excel Application Scope.
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  6. Remove Duplicates - Single / multiple columns.
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  8. Clear contents - To delete / clear the data of a given column.(See the function lists in drop-down)
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  14. Extract specific lines from PDF and paste into an Excel.

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Have you find any solution for excel pivot table ?