Fill column based on ID and Name

I have column A that contains the ID and column C that contains the name in a data table,All rows have an ID but some does not have name.

How do i vlookup both columns so that the program can search for the ID (column A),look up the name(Column C) and then fill the rows with no name?

E.g row 1 contain ID “123” and name “abc”, row 10 has ID “123” as well but does not contain name. Vlookup row 10’s creator ID against both column, matched row 1 ID and get the name “abc” and insert to row 10

Hi @Zac_Soh,

I’ll suggest to follow the steps below,

  1. Take For Each Row activity (to iterate on the Datatable), then take If activity with condition —> row(“Name”).ToString=“”
  2. Take Assign in Then section of If activity to store that ID whose name is empty.
    ID = row(“ID”).ToString
  3. Now take one more For Each Row on DT, after that assign in same then section. take If activity inside that for each row with condition —> row(“ID”).ToString=ID And row(“Name”).ToString<>“” —> to serach that ID with Name having value (not null <>). In then section you can store name in variable using assign.
  4. Now you can assign that Name value in datatable & WriteRange.

I’m attaching sample workflow here for your better understanding —> (20.0 KB) - Use it if you don’t get the explaination.

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