Fill check boxes in Word document

Hi All,

I have a form to be filled in a word document. The document contains 5-6 pages and a lot of check boxes (20+ check boxes). My requirement is that I have to check these boxes based on some criteria.

How can the same be automated using UiPath?

Manually, if I had to select the checkbox, i would double click on it, and in the “Checkbox form field options” dialog, I can select “Checked”.


you can try check activity, I think it will work in case of word document too. I have done it with web.

another thing you can specify all the check boxes with specifying a relative element using anchor

it will be better if you share one doc if you can so that I can work around it!

Happy Automation :wink:

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it is hard to get selector inside word document, hence in word try to find the previous word in word or check weather you can reach the check box with some short cut key and once it is reached hit enter.