How do read the Word/Excel checkbox?


I’d like to get if the checkbox in Word / Excel document is checked or not.
How can I get the state of the checkbox with UiPath?

In addition, there are multiple checkboxes of the same name in the file whose status I want to check box.

DataA DataB DataC
□Test □Test □Test
□Review □Review □Review

I referred to the following topics, but I could not resolve the question.

I thank you in advance for your reply.

Please refer the below link

Hope this helps.

You could write a macro which checks the status of the Checkbox and writes a value into the corresponding cell. In UIpath you could use “Execute macro” activity to trigger the macro and then use the read range activity to read the data.

Hi yashawwini,

What will be macro to check chekxboxes . Any links?