Fill a PDF with Excel rows

Hi everyone.

I need your help, I have a excel datatable

I need to fill out a PDF document, sometimes a person has two last names, it can also vary the emails or telephones


How can I get data from other cell in the same process, combine or merge the information for “Last name”, “Email” and “Phone” because there is more than one piece of information.

This is the result i am looking for

I add the filesParticipantes.pdf (20.6 KB) Secuencia.xaml (20.2 KB) Tabla.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hi @oscar.cuevas.jimenez
due to some issues in my system , i am not edit pdf in my system

is it fine that if i say logic and workflow for splitting the datatable and doing it accordingly ?

Sorry, I dont know what do you mean :frowning:

Hi @oscar.cuevas.jimenez
what i mean is i am not able to edit the above pdf file in my system

so should i send the logic on how to do it ?

yes, it could be help me