Fill out pdf from excel sheet

Hello All

I have new hire excel sheet with data like name and email and I have pdf from
I need to copy each new hire details to pdf form and print out for each one

can some help me


hi, welcome to the community!
Where are you stuck on your project? I assume you already started it right?

can you share me the pdf template screenshot?

Yes I did here is the SC for the PDF and the sheet

I use read cell but that will take forever if I have 400 new hire

so I’m looking for a faster way

I also tried For Each Row then AB assign but again I end up with the same thing
how I can do that for all the sheet with write very long program

Hi, you want to use the Read Range activity in excel scope so all rows and cells will be read at once, it will be A LOT faster, after that a DataTable will be generated and you will use a For Each Row activity (a loop) that will go through all your employees :slight_smile:

can you send me screenshot how it can be done. Thanks

you would just replace you several Read Cell activities with one Read Range…

but how I call the data to fill the PDF fill

What do you mean call the data? you should just open the pdf as a human would and use Type Into i guess…

not sure how I make For Each Row activity to loop

Look at this example where I am reading excel and traversing through each cell data.
Hope this would help you. (40.2 KB)