Files order in Storage Bucket

I need to pull files from a Storage Bucket in the order it was uploaded/created. But there are no properties in “StorageFileInfo” class that allows returning the files by this order. Files in storage bucket is ordered by file name by default. It would be great if there are extra information about date uploaded and last updated date next to file name on Storage Bucket. In the meantime, do anyone have a suggestion/solution for this?

Thank you

Hi @vgbot

Are you handling big files? One suggestions would be to switch to the Data Service, which offers much richer experience in the aspects that you’ve mentioned.

I have a similar need - I want to purge files in a storage bucket folder based on age. We have our storage buckets mapped to shared folders on our network, but I want to avoid having to access that path - just use the info available in the storage bucket via the activity ListStorageFiles.