Filepath for New Excel

I’m trying to have my automation create a new spreadsheet everyday. To ensure there is a new spreadsheet as opposed to rewriting an existing spreadsheet I’ve tried to add today’s date to the file path to ensure it is always new, but I keep getting an error because the file path is incorrect.

My most recent attempt was with the following: “C:\Users\BAmdahl\Documents\UiPath\Test12_13_18\CSCO Data\ExtracCSCO”+timToday.ToString+“.xlsx”

timToday is a variable which I assigned the value of Now to in order to always have today’s date as part of the file path.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hi @BAmdahl,

Before processing check the file path is exists or not using Path Exists activity.

"C:\Users\BAmdahl\Documents\UiPath\Test12_13_18\CSCO Data\ExtracCSCO"+timToday.ToString+".xlsx"

Print this in log message and check manually once the path is correct or not also. Then you procide further.


I just ran it and the path came back false. I’m asking it to create that excel spreadsheet though, so it can’t be found given that it doesn’t exist yet.

Please check if timToday is not written with backslashes like: “19/12/2018”. Backslashes may confuse robot and it will be searching in the folder “19”, in subfolder “12”, and in sub-subfolder “2018”.
If so, replace backslashes with other character.