File Migration Project

Hi Team,

I found no forum / blogs on using UiPath for File migration projects. My requirements is reading files from NTFS or FTP and upload to OpenText. Upload to Opentext through browser is taking lot of time.
So is it suggested to use UiPath for file migration related projects? I have to migration large number of files and time taking to upload 1 file through studio is approximately 40 seconds.

So guys, need expert advice on this.


I have a solution an automated solution for that but would need to implement as a UIPath activity now.

Hello @Jonathas_Morais
Did you able to implement solution as a UiPath activity?
I am looking for solution to upload, move and read files from OpenText content server.
P.S: I implemented the solution so please ignore this post :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards,
Happy Automation! :slight_smile: