Help pls. Your response and guidance will be appreciated for my simple project

Having zero IT development background, Im starting to explore/study UIPATH/robotics process. For your kind reading:

Background of the current process:

  1. .txt files from our server are being transferred to a certain folder from our common drive.
  2. frequency of transfer is at every 15 minutes - that starts from 830am until 545pm
  3. By using our processing system, we manually use the upload button and refer to the folder and select/upload the most recent file to interface its contents to our processing system.
  4. So every 15 minutes, we do it manually and select manually the most recent file transferred by the server
  5. Process description for appreaciation:
    Sample 1: by 830am folder has “group1.txt” - we will select group1.txt to be uploaded
    Sample 2: by 845am folder has “group1.txt” and “group2.txt” - we will now select group2.txt to be uploaded…so on until 545pm.

I have tried the “Monitor Event and File change trigger” function but sill have missing links within the process to fully automate the uploading:

Q- How deploy the my workflow that it will automatically determine which is the most recent file and/or amongst the files transferred/saved in the folder, the workflow will select the newest file for uploading to our internal system?

For any clarifications, please do not hesitate.

Thank you very much for your prompt guidance and assistance to finish my project.

One question - For every 15 min, how many new files will be created. One or more?

  1. After uploading the file, move the file to a folder so that you will not have difficulties in finding the new file added.

  2. If you do not want to move the file, then maintain the list of uploaded files in an excel sheet and validate the data at the start of execution to exclude the executed files.

appreciate if you could provide the steps/functions to be used for my reference - since im currently exploring/understanding uipath…thanks and cheers for your assistance.

Our server will drop 1 file every 15mins thereafter in the folder. Hence, for an hour there will be 4 files and so on …in which my objective is to have the rpa system pick up and upload the most recent file to our processing system after the server placed the file


Please find the sample workflow.
This workflow returns the last modified file from a given folder.

Main.xaml (6.0 KB)

Karthik Byggari