Fetching Data from different Kind of Excel File

Hi All,

I have an excel file from which i need to fetch some Values. Can someone plz tell the approach .

I need few values from the file.
ID, Name, address ,email, customer name, Customer address.

Hi @abhishek26 ,
As your Excel sheet is organized in a format I would suggest directly using read cell activity for reading the data from respective cells. Where as for reading sheet name you can use get text activity. Also, If your familiar with VBA, You can create macros to extract data from sheet.

But what if the existing items in the excel change their position if some new items are added ?

can you provide an example

for partner value the cell address is D22 where you get Agni Micro Tech, what if this position changes in the another excel file ?

Then you can use Get text or any other screen scraping tool for all and use field names as Anchors.