How to extract specific unstructured data from excel file

i wanna extract particular data like PO# ,POExpiry and i couldnt find solution for it .so, can anybody help me out ? i have also shared file below

Hello @kaavya

Is this a fixed template? Or this can be changed frequently?


fixed template @PrankurJoshi


Is there any possibility that you can directly read that cell? Or you do not want to open excel?

see the whole process is like i have to download excel file from website and i wanna open excel file and extract particular values as i mentioned above and store in a different excel file. so now i don know how to extract it as it is not in a structured way.

Yes but if it’s a fixed template you can use Read Cell activity to get the value from those two fields and save it in a different excel.

thank you @PrankurJoshi , let me try and check.

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hi ! i used read cell activity and given range but still it din get values @PrankurJoshi

Can you tell me what activity you used may be a screenshot?

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