Fetch Hyperlink embedded to text in an email (Outlook)

Hello All,

This post my be similar to one of my previous questions. But, this is slightly different issue and I want some suggestions on solving this. My scenario is : I have outlook emails with hyperlink embedded/tied to some text. The URL will not be seen, we can only look at the text that should be clicked. Below is the picture of the email. I need to somehow fetch that URL so I can open that web page and start downloading stuff.

In thi picture, the blue text after ‘Superform:’ will be an anchor tag. When I read the email body in Outlook, I just get the text which we can look at in the picture. How can I need the URL behind that blue text?

I typed www.google.com in my email

When accessed from uipath, the mail body shows www.google.com http://www.google.com

Aren’t you getting such URL when accessing mail body from UiPath get outlook mail messages activity?