Fetch excel data from datatable, compare and get the value of different column in the row

I do have a table for example:
Name Age
Gopal 40
Roshan 50
I’m having an input string Roshan. I need to compare a string with the names in the table. If I found a match, I need to return the age of the corresponding person. How can I do it without looping. I’m trying to do it without looping because the table length is long .

Hi @Gopalakrishnan_K

Please try lookup datatable activity,


Hello @Gopalakrishnan_K ,

Please give a try and use the Filter Data Table activity (https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/filter-data-table )
In your case, you could try to filter by the input string Roshan, and extract the age number from the result

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If you don’t want any looping logic.

Use vlookup formula to get the data from different sheet or workbook by using match. In our case name is the comman for both the sheets.

Use write cell formula to insert the vlookup formula to cell and use auto fill range activity to fill the vlookup formula to all the cell in the age column.

By using the above logic we can get the age for all the names in the first column. Thanks.

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