Feature Suggestion - Flexible Multiple Assign

Hello UiPath team,

When we are using Multiple Assign activities, sometimes we need to change the sequence of variables.

So, to swap assigns of var1 and var2 we need to remove all three assigns and rewrite it or edit R- and L-values of the assigns.
The same problem if we want to add additional assign right after var1.

It would be great to be able just drag and drop assign in correct place instead of rewriting everything.

As an alternative, you can use Invoke code activity and write VB code to assign variables.

Thanks for your feedback. This is something we have on our backlog.

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You could add new assign in middle of the sequence by selecting assign above and pressing “Add”
In the sample picture it will create a new assing below “var1”


The posibility to move each line up/down would be indeed very useful.