Feature Request - DU - Create Document Data Validation/Present Validation Station Activity

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to discuss on a particular feature that could be helpful if it exists in the context of Document Understanding/more Specifically in the Create Document Data Validation/ Present Validation Station Activity.

Feature → A Business Rule Validation Reporting Field/Mechanism

Use Case /Problem Statement:

We use Document Understanding for extraction of information from documents and also perform verification by making a Human in the loop interact/confirm on the outputs. On cases where the Rules for the extracted fields do not Meet but still need a Visual of the Data being extracted (Either for Correction/Reason), we do not give them a total detail on what has happened in the automation validations. Even though Confidence levels of the Fields determine accuracy it doesn’t tell us the business rules validation messages/info. As a result, they may be obliged to perform a calculation on their own after receiving the details in the Action Center/Validation Station. It would lead to a double Checking of the extraction results and thereby reducing the automation potential.

Maybe in some cases, the User would want to directly reject these transactions which does not match the rules. But in other cases, this information would also rather help in understanding why exactly the fields do not match the criteria thus filling the gap through one channel using Action Center/Validation Station instead of providing different channels for grasping/understanding the details.

Possible Workarounds:

  1. To send an Email on the Business Rules Validations performed to the concerned personnel after Business Rules have been evaluated on each document.
  2. To Include an extra field in the Taxonomy of each Document Type say ValidationReport, where we can use this after the Rules Validation to populate the Validation Messages by updating the Json of the Extraction Results (Not yet Tried, seems Possible)
  3. To use Create Form Task Activity with the Customized Form Fields (Although the Features provided by Create Data Validation Activity will not be available)

To Conclude:

  1. Is the feature really going to be useful or needed?
  2. Is this feature already available ? (I couldn’t find this or make an alternate method which is relatively easy)
  3. How will this effect the Activity to be used and the view/look of the extraction info along with the additional Validation Reporting field is to be considered.

More Blatantly put in Visuals, I am requesting for something in the below manner :

I am open to discuss on the feature’s availability and more if anyone has their thoughts on this, also would like you to append any other posts which is considered to be the same request that i am trying to propose.

@supermanPunch :grinning:

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great idea!

sometimes in an instance where many fields need to be validated it could be confusing for a business user and having a feature in action center depicting fields needed to be corrected could be a great addition. This feature is not yet available and the workarounds you mentioned are the ones we develop in post processing.

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@sharon.palawandram ,

Thank you for your interest on the topic and also for confirming on the work around methods.

If you could also Please Up vote the Topic, I’m sure the Document Understanding Team would come to notice it and hopefully have a similar feature or a better one in the future releases.

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Absolutely. I just upvoted this topic. All the best!

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