Failed to remotely open Edge or IE browser on Windows Server 2012 r2

Failed to remotely open Edge or even Internet Explorer browsers (64-bit), after successfull connected via Remote Desktop Connection.
*hint: sometime I can indicate elements in the remote Edge browser, othertime I cannot (Target Application could not be identified…)

Use Remote Desktop Edge or Internet Explorer: anti-xxxxx: Open browser on remote environments is not yet supported!
Please ensure target application is opened on remote environment and OpenMode setting is not set to Always.

I have installed UiPath extension in Edge on the remote machine too.
I have installed Uipath Runtime on the remote machine too.
Open Mode is not Always, but IfNotOpen.
My local machine run Studio Community edition.
My remote machine is a Windows Server 2012 r2.

I found that Edge browser is “experimental” only to date:

Hello @IPIX ,

Starting with version 21.10.3, the modern “Use Application/Browser” activity can open applications in remote environments. But still cannot be used to open browsers, as indicated by the received message “Open browser on remote environments is not yet supported!”.

To be able to automate a process in a browser from a remote environment, you need to make sure the target browser is opened on the remote environment.

The feature that allows you to open browsers in remote environments will be implemented in a future version. Until then, you can use as a workaround this sequence of activities:

  • Use the classic “Open Application” activity to open the browser on a specific URL.
  • After that you can use the modern “Use Application/Browser” activity for the rest of the workflow, as the browser is already opened.

You can check the example from the attached sample workflow.

OpenBrowserEdge.xaml (8.4 KB)

Appreciate your time, I’ve successfully open the Edge browser and navigate to the webpage I was looking for.
But any other Activity doesn’t work - such Type text.