I need to extract some text from scanned ID cards (.pdf). I’ve tried with OCR (Microsoft and Google) but it doesn.t work. Does anyone know how can I extract text from scanned ID cards?

Thank you

OCR is pretty much the only way to go for scanned documents. What exactly doesn’t work? Does it give an error or does it just give weird results? And in that case: Have you tried tweaking the scale?

It just give me weird results. For example in pdf the ID number is 1940411414135315 and the result is 1940411*(_ … Also i can’t get the adress from the ID card. The same problem.

Yeah that’s the problem with the free OCR engines includes in UiPath, they’re pretty unstable. All you can do is try out all different inputs, so play around with the scale, the different engines and the input formats / languages. I’m afraid there’s not much more you can do, except get a license for ABBYY, which is probably the best engine around.

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Thank you!

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