How to extract text from a scanned pdf?

Hi there,

I’m working with a scanned pdf. It doesn’t contain selectable text/images as it’s all one image. Is it possible to extract the text within the scanned image or no? I’ve tried using the UiPath pdf activities and it’s not working.

Hi @Evan123 it is possible to extract the text from scanned pdf

  1. Using OCR like Google OCR etc

  2. Document understnding feature in UiPath.

U can give a try to these


Nived N

Happy Automation

using ocr doesn’t work for me. It still does not recognize the text in the pdf. I’m guessing because the text is hand written? I am looking into document understanding but I am still getting the same result as of now

I think if u are using document understanding , for scanned pdf you can try with Intelligent Form Extractor for extraction of data from handwritten documnets (pdf)