Extraction of Pdf table in UiPath

I am trying to extract data from above pdf.

I am using Rossum Elis API.

Json data is returned as response from server and i am converting that into array and then inside for each exporting it into data table and finally writing it into excel.

Problem is I am getting data in a single column instead of rows.
I am attaching image of output below.

Please help out to get data same as it is in invoice.

Thanks in advance.

@anil5 @Anusha_Makam @Masire can you please help me on this?


Could you send your uipath workflow?

Hey @Anusha_Makam,

I can send you the workflow but the problem is that wont work on your system.

I am using Rossum Elis API and the secret key wont work on your system.

So you would only be able to go though the flow but wont be able to test it.


Yea , sure.

Try sending workflow if possible. I will try.

Thank you,